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Fettes North

The Fettes Foundation are fundraising to build Fettes North, an entirely new wing of Fettes College in Edinburgh. In order to help them do so, they needed a very high-end brochure produced to outline the project and its aims. I designed the brochure with a foil blocked skyline of the College, elegant typography and hand stitched spine.

“The Fettes North project needed to raise a significant amount of funds from sophisticated philanthropists, and the purpose of this brochure was to immediately capture their emotion and imagination, resulting in interest in the project. Ken understood the brief straightaway and produced a professional and luxurious, hand-finished and immaculately crafted brochure. Careful attention was paid to the feel of the paper stock to the photography and use of type. Ken was a delight to work with and the process of achieving such a specialised piece of material was a pleasure. The feedback we have had on this brochure has been incredibly positive and it is certainly playing its part in the fundraising process.”

Elisabeth Anderson, Fettes Foundation Director